In my thinking everyone in this world possess a creative mind it is upto that person how much he make use of it. Everyone has some sweet and some bitter habits.No one is perfect in this world but we can rush towards sweet end by making little good deeds.It will help us in our daily life.

The World is Mirror, and Gives Everyone a Reflection of His Own Thoughts

" The Success Process " for this one must accept the responsibility of one's life .Take the life as challenge .One should prefer meaningful life over a ordinary meaningless life . One should realize that Allah has made us for some purpose we have to discover what is the aim of our life.For this one should keep the following things in mind .Develope the Vision (purpose) statement. Develop the career mission statment.Develope supporting belief's. Determine code of life.Stay committed and stick with your plan.Learn form failures and move on formula of Monitor ,Evaluate and Change.

Expect and give the best you have.Develope and maintain relationships. Be entusiastic about everything.Stay patient and hope for the best.Learn the art of using and availing the time in a best way. Associate with those you admire.Life is very short but the successful people have to attain the high goals. Successful person always learn more form failures rather mourning on them. Set the high goals and then strive for them. ALLAH always help those who wish so.

Try to find out the positive aspects of negative thing. Learn instead of worrying about things you have no control over, do those things you have all the control over. 

"The world is mirror, and gives everyone a reflection of his own thoughts".