So here are few things you can go through for scaling your business and sales -

Tips to Improve Your Amazon Affiliate Sales

1. Update your site optimization -

You need to update your site from time to time as it affects your site's SEO performance. Upgrading site's SEO performance helps in increasing traffic to your site along with more users to convert them into sales. So try to find loopholes and the areas which need to be upgraded. You can also take help of Google Webmaster guidelines along with SEO tools.

2. Focus on developing quality content for your readers -

Providing genuine quality and useful content will attract readers because without this your business will not exist. Try to include high quality images and videos to attract users from smartphones.

According to a research, "70 percent of purchase process is over before sales has an opportunity to influence it."

Try to create more content by influencing readers to take action. You can focus more on creating buyer's guide including comparisons and metrics as these contents have higher chances of getting converted into sales.

3. You can target highly convertible long tail buying keywords -

Targeting these kinds of keywords will help in boosting your sales and these have higher click through rates. As long tail keywords are more clear keywords and they have high chance of conversions as users are sure what they are looking for.

For example keywords like - best headphone in the market, buy jewellery online.

4. Focus on customer's reviews -

Reviews are crucial for improving any business especially affiliate one.

According to a research, "85 percent of Millennials says reviews influence their purchasing choices while 80 percent of customers look at other customer's reviews for gaining trust."

Whether positive or negative reviews, you need to take each one of them seriously. Negative reviews will help in finding the loopholes in your service and are the area which needs improvement. You can also reply their feedbacks which will help in developing long term relationships with your customers.

If you are having a trouble in managing your business reviews then you can hire customer feedback management service provider for your Amazon product review management . They will help in eliminating your negative customer's reviews while improving your seller Amazon affiliate business.

5. Try to focus on high conversion products -

Before deciding any product to sell, first do complete researches thoroughly and also try to find products which are trending and new as it will help in getting more conversions for your business.

On the other hand, also checkout the commissions range of all products. Trending products having high margins as affiliate will not help you in getting more traffic but also will help in getting converted into sales.

6. Provide affiliate links to images -

Attach your affiliate links to each image in your content. When potential customers would click to that image then it will redirect them to buying page or where you want them to redirect encouraging potential sale for you.

7. Focus on attaching links in your content -

Attaching affiliate links in your quality content will help in building trust for users. People trust useful content more than any sorts of marketing ads. So if they found your content interesting and useful then there is a huge chance of buying that product to which content you have provided.

For example - if you provide informational content of organic sesame oil and attach the redirecting affiliate link into it, then user who will find your content useful will definitely buy organic sesame oil.

8. Focus on product reviews content -

Apart from creating, only useful content for users, you can also post review content related to any product along with other customer's reviews. The truth is customers trust more on that product which other users have positively liked it.

So focusing on creating review content on any product which other users have used will increase your sales and generate trust amongst users. For all these work hiring an Amazon seller account manager from a reputed organization could be a great step for your business.