I have found the most unique mouse pad ever. I have used this mouse pad for the last couple of weeks and have found that there is no problem with the mouse traveling over it. I use a Logitech cordless optical mouse. I have not tried the mouse pad with a ball mouse as I do not have one and probably never will.

Tile Style Dragon Picture Computer Mouse Pad

The mouse pad has a dragon picture on it, lacquered over top of wood, made to look like it is on tile. It is very durable and will retain its finish almost indefinitely.

Most dragon lovers will really appreciate how nice the picture looks and how great it appears sitting on their computer desk. This makes a real nice gift to give the dragon lover who uses his/her computer a lot and would like to have something new, different and special.

I know there are a lot of mouse pads available in the market so I thought I would pass this one on because it is different from anything I have ever seen and is definitely unique.

The company that makes these mouse pads offers a good selection of different dragon pictures available to place on the mouse pads. You can also use a picture of your own if you like, so you can really personalize the mouse pad to your own tastes.

One thing I appreciated about the Dragon Mouse Pads is that they are not mass produced on a piece of foam; each one is made to order. Naturally they do cost a bit more but I do feel they are well worth what I paid for mine and I am even thinking of giving some to my friends for gifts.

If you or someone you know is a dragon lover share this mouse pad with them, I am sure they will thank you for showing them something different.