When it comes to commercial photography, it is a skillful portfolio that is of more importance compared to academic qualifications. There are a large number of commercial photographers in Charleston, the oldest and largest city in South Carolina offering their services for both the corporate and private clients.

Things You Should Consider When Selecting A Commercial Photographer

A commercial photographer has the necessary professional skills to capture wide range right from taking simple pictures of properties for local estate agents that are "for sale" to the need of elaborate photo shoots for advertising companies. Also included are wedding albums as well as pet and family photography. There are some commercial photographers that are specialists in one area, like a photographer working for a company which could be an event or advr5tising agency, while others provide more generalized services. There are many freelance commercial photographers that provide their services for different areas. Hence, one could hire the services of a Charleston, SC to cover football matches, tourism and photojournalism shoots, graduations, pets, school photos, and wedding. However, many are still specialists in certain areas, as they invest in high-end lenses and software. Hence, advertising agencies, as part of promoting products, invest a great sum of money and are not that interested in hiring the services of freelance photographers whose investment is not that much.

Irrespective of the style, most commercial photographers make use of advanced photo equipment and techniques that are priced thousands of dollars in creating images that go far beyond of what the client could imagine. And this is available in a whole spectrum of specialized areas. One can find the use of commercial photography to a certain degree in school photos, cookbooks, sports events, local news, travel brochures, astronomy magazines, etc.

One of the serious errors made by amateur portrait photographers is having photos with the unsuitable or fussy background. When shooting in a studio, commercial photographers will usually shoot against a white, non-reflective background to form a perfect image. Another technique the commercial photographer uses is chroma keying. This involves having one image from the composition of two images by making use of a blue or green screen background. When it comes to photographing small objects for the purpose of advertising shoots of small object products, the photographers use light boxes, also known as the "studio in a box".

The service of a commercial photographer is far more than a skillfully created image. It is important to convey real feeling and emotion through the photographs, whether it a wedding or an advertising shoot. Photojournalists and advertising experts are skilled people to make an image in the mind of the viewer that will evoke an immediate emotion in the mind. This is quite different from photos of school and graduation level shoots, where it is the centerpiece on which everything circulates, leading to an image of style.

People hire a wedding or family portrait photographer with the expectation of getting something memorable, something outside the usual realm of fixed poses and brandy glass mockups. It needs mentioning here that photographers have an endless range of ways to showcase your art. In Charleston, SC, for instance, you will come across large-format displays, rotate advertising boards, banner ads, adorning everything from to the sides of buses to shop fronts. The creative potential of commercial photographers knows no bounds.

To find and hire a local commercial photographer, you could employ numerous techniques. Here are five of these search techniques.

Local Printed Business Directories: 

A great way of finding commercial photographers is to browse in the 'Commercial and Industrial Photographers 'category where you are sure to find few suitable photographers.

Online Directories: 

Nowadays, many of the commercial photographers prefer the online directories to paid printed directories as online medium proves more fruitful to invest. Hence, it would do well to go for an internet search, in addition to printed business directories. Online, one will come across a wealth of commercial photographers' directories with their own specializations, as well as more generic business directories. While searching, narrow down our search to only to 'commercial photographers', otherwise, the major section of the results would turn out to be wedding and family portrait photographers.

Search Engines. All the major search engines like Google, Ask, MSN, Yahoo, Bing or whatever is your preference are a great source to find a list of local photographers. Like other search techniques, try and narrow down your searches to include commercial photography. Try typing in 'commercial photographer plus your location'. if you find your location not providing enough search results, try replacing your location with a local town or city. Try not to click on paid listings, or browsing only the first page listings.

Professional Photographic Bodies: 

There are many professional photographic bodies that have their own list of commercial photographers who work in our local area and could come to use in providing information on finding and commissioning photography. It should, however, be noted that not all professional or acclaimed photographers have their names in such photographic bodies. Also just being a member does not ensure reliability, quality or any adherence to any professional code of conduct.

Personal Testimonials: 

A powerful way of finding commercial photographers is the 'word of mouth', and is certainly to be used for searching any local trade. You could ask your family or friends for recommendations, and once you come to know few of these photographers, you could visit their websites and browse through their portfolio section to know more about their work. You get to know the style of the work done by the photographer and is a great way to sidestep possible risks as is there in other methods of searches. It is recommended to make use of a healthy mix of the above different techniques and make a list of commercial photographers of your choice and carefully compare their style of work and the fees that they charge before you ink the deal with one of them.