Whenever someone has an anniversary or a birthday, jokes are usually told. These occasions are milestones and are often used to lighten the mood of a party. Good jokes, while being in jest at those at the receiving end, should not inflict any sort of pain on the person. Instead, they should be funny and give a sense of warmth to the person who is receiving them. 

Telling The Best Anniversary Jokes for Age Jokes

Anniversary jokes usually are quick; one liners that often imply that the man or woman endured some sort of torture during the married years. This is not true and most of those hearing the jokes will know that it is not true as the couple is still married and enjoying their anniversary. Anniversary jokes should be told with good taste and all who listen to the jokes should understand that they are in jest and not to be taken seriously. In an age where more than half of couples end up getting divorced, anniversary jokes are a paradox. Someone may boast of being in prison for this amount of time or being held hostage for so long, but they are really just a way that many people, self conscious about their true feelings, let their feelings be known.  They are not harmful.  

Age jokes are pretty much the same thing. Many people go through great lengths to tell age jokes at birthdays and there are even greeting cards that jest about the age of a person. Some people will give parties to celebrate milestones and have fake tombstones or black decorations to indicate that the person is getting older. Some age jokes are all about the age of a person and their inability to do the things that they did when they were younger. When you tell age jokes, however, you should be mindful to the person to whom you are telling the joke. Some people are very sensitive about their age and may take offense. For the most part, however, most people take age jokes in good stride. The perfect comeback to these jokes is that the birthday beats the grimmer alternative, which is death. 

Most people enjoy a good joke, even if it is at their own expense. As a matter of fact, most people enjoy jokes at their expense even more than standard jokes, as long as they are told in the right way and are not meant to hurt their feelings. Anyone who knows someone who is celebrating a birthday or anniversary can get anniversary jokes or age jokes by going online and looking for these jokes. Be sure to choose those that reflect good taste, are not nasty and spiteful but show a true affection for the person laced with a little bit of humor.