Having trouble taking your date to the next level? Follow the steps below and enjoy higher success with women!

So you've done the hard part. You've been on a few dates, she seems interested in you, but you just don't know how to take it to the next level. These steps are ones which I personally use and have NEVER failed me out of the countless times I've used them!

Simple Steps to Seduce a Woman

Step 1 - The setting: Ok so I assume you've done the date to the bar/fairground/dinner etc. with her already, which means you can now invite her over to yours to watch a movie and have a glass of wine. I would not recommend doing this as a first date, because you'll come across as being after only one thing, which I hope is not what you're all about!

If you can subtly pick up what her favourite movie is, or something she would really like to see, then that's great (not needed but will make you look attentive and awesome!). If not, have several movies pre picked out, make sure it's you who decides what you watch (woman loves a decisive man).
Step 2 - Setting the mood: Start being playful with her; poke fun at her and be cocky. With the small effects of a glass of wine this will relax u both and also get you closer. Give her a little tickle, again this gets you closer, and gets the good endorphins going in her!

Step 3 - The seduction: You objective now should be to give her a massage; I won't get into the biological reasons why, but just know that this gets her 'in the mood'. As you should have been poking fun and being cocky with her, perhaps when she's pouting, say something along the lines of "awww, is little [insert girls name here] all upset?" in a sarcastic tone of voice, then offer to give her a back rub to make it up to her.

With her sitting in front of you, watching the movie, begin to massage her shoulders initially, around the area between the base of her neck and where the actual should blades begin. After a while start to spread your massage out, but always returning to the initial part of the shoulders e.g. rub your hands slowly down her arms then back up again. Alternatively, if your hands are getting tired, you could rub your hands down her arms and finish by wrapping them around her and cuddle her; watch a bit of the movie then return to massaging her back again.

Continue doing this for 15-20 minutes, before starting to rub your fingers gently over her neck, just under her ears. If everything is going well, she should respond with a "mmm" or similar 'that feels really good' noise.

Step 4 - Sealing the deal: With your hands rubbing her neck move one of your hands around and cup her face turning it towards your own and begin to kiss her. I will always make sure I cup a woman's face with my hand/hands when kissing her as it adds that something special to a kiss.

So there it is, you have just seduced your girl, the rest is up to you. Slowly lay her down, whilst kissing her neck or play it a little more dominant; I will leave that up to you as!
Hope you gained some knowledge from my article. Good luck!