A perfect honeymoon does not necessarily have to be expensive. Even the most romantic ones do not have to cost a bomb. This is even especially true if you are planning a honeymoon on a tropical island in Indonesia where you can benefit from booking a room at a value hotel in Bali. In many cases, honeymoons are expensive because of the accommodations that newlyweds are often offered. Honeymoon suites with en suite jacuzzi and expensive mint chocolates on the pillows usually bring the cost of a post-wedding getaway up several notches. It does not have to be so if you know how to plan your romantic getaway after the wedding.

Planning An Inexpensive Honeymoon At A Value Hotel In Bali

Many expert travellers may tell you that in order to get the most of every cent you spend on your honeymoon you will need to get your priorities straight, right from the beginning. Basically if you wish to spend more on pampering sessions in exclusive spas you may want to consider staying at a value hotel in Bali where the rooms are affordable and still give you the basic level of comfort that you need. This will inadvertently leave you with more spare cash to spend on the items on your priority list. Bali is home to many spas and retreats where you can spend the whole day with your loved one getting pampered and feeling refreshed.

Another way you can reduce your accommodation cost and still have a wonderful honeymoon is by booking a room at a value hotel in Indonesia long before your planned getaway date. This way you can benefit from early bird discounts as well as special promotion rates for bookings that are made months in advance. You can get the same comfortable rooms but at a cheaper rate. Of course, prior to making a booking you would want to make sure that the deal you are getting is worth your every cent. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to ensure that the budget accommodation of your choice is reputable and offers clean and comfortable lodging for you and your partner.

As you probably know, Bali is a famous tourist destination and during peak season hotel rates can skyrocket. Hence, it is advisable that you book a room at a value hotel in Kuta Bali during the off-peak season. This is so that you can get drastically discounted prices and the privacy you need, as the crowds are normally lesser during off-peak seasons. You will not have to worry about getting a less-than-perfect treatment because lesser crowd usually means more attentive staff to cater to your every need. In some cases, due to the off-peak period, honeymooners may be offered a free upgrade. So it won't hurt for you to mention to the hotel staffers that you are on your honeymoon. You might get lucky and get a complimentary upgrade!

In essence, honeymoons are to be enjoyed with your loved one regardless of the place. You may be staying at a 5-star hotel but if you and your partner are constantly worrying about your finances especially after you return from your supposedly romantic post-wedding getaway, will it truly be worth it? Being frugal does not equal being cheap. In fact, you and your partner may be taking a step in the right direction by making sure that your honeymoon won't break the bank. After all, you would not want to come back from your honeymoon having to tighten the belt simply because you have spent more than you can afford.