Tweens are not the only ones interested in this form of comic, either.  There are versions for small children, all the way up through adult.  Some are cute and whimsical, some are dark and somber.  What draws people to enjoy this booming art form?

Japanese manga is a big business right now

There are so many different things about manga that attract fans. The story lines can be simple, as in a child's cartoon, or very in depth.  It can be light and funny or dark and scary.  The characters themselves run the same gambit as the story lines.  You can find fluffy animals all the way up to evil doers.  There truly is something for everybody. Some manga are so engrossing, it's easy to forget that it's basically a comic. 

When the craze started in America, the quality was average. There weren't that many manga available, so you took what you could get.  Now there are entire sections of manga in book stores.  The quality and quantity have both risen to scary proportions.  The average reader can choose a genre, and then browse through many authors to find what suits them best. 

Most true lovers of manga try to dabble in the drawing of their favorite characters. They think that it's got to be so easy.  Many try; more don't ever figure it out.  For those that do manage to draw good characters, or even characters of their own, even fewer manage to ever do anything with it.  The standards, believe it or not, are pretty high.  You have to get the formula just right.

So, what's the appeal of manga?  Well, it seems to be a quick break from the everyday life.  It's not an ordinary book, but a comic with a purpose.  Often you just need a mental break, and manga offers this in droves.  Why not check one out.  You might find yourself hooked.