Life teaches us countless lessons. The only difference is in the medium. Either the message is conveyed through a person, or through a circumstance. In a subtle way, life teaches the art of living.

Create Your Life Lesson

When we engage ourselves in a brawl, or when we fail, or when we are hurt, the negative feelings make us sad. Often we give up hope. On the other hand, if we can take things in a positive way, we can become tough and resilient. It is our attitude towards life that decides the course of action we take in the future endeavors. Either we learn from our mistakes or we give up. The former is a better approach.

The innumerable people that we come across, even they leave an impact on our lives. At one point of time, when I was going through a bad phase, I started blaming the stars for being so inconsiderate to me. It was my hostel roommate, whose innocent words touched my heart. She said that stars are miles away from us. When we are closest to ourselves, how can the stars decide our fate? It is not the stars but we can certainly decide our future. That is so true.

Small incidents add new meanings to our lives. All the people we meet are significant to us. Be it the fighting spirit of a soldier or the leadership qualities of a king, be it the bloodshed of the battle field or the joy of victory, learning is what is important.

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