The Spirit of God has made me and the Breath of the Almighty has given me life. God Almighty: Lord of Host: The Breath of Life: Creator of the Universe. Oh How Powerful is HE. The One who rules and reigns with Majesty.You alone are God. You have created us, this earthen vessel from the dirt and the dust. From heart to heart and breast to breast you formed us in your image and laid upon our chest. Into our nostrils you breathed "this breath of Life"And now I AM, we are a living creation.

The Breath Of The Almighty Gives Me LIFE

I AM so delighted to be awakened, a new song in my mouth: Abba Father. I do declare I am born of His Spirit, washed in His blood, and filled with His Perfect Love. I am predestined and preordained to worship and reverence His Holy Name. To praise, love and adore Him, to trust having faith to believe: His life my Testimony, His Death my Victory, His Resurrection my Authority. All his gifts, talents, and skills, his sustenance I do receive. God's Spirit has made me to see beyond this physical world, and the spirit of discernment in the inner ear: I do hear Him Speak. My breath have given life to great expectations in my kingdom there is no deception.

My Sons and Daughters actively engage yourself in this reception committ totally to this inception. The Holy Ghost, The Almighty: this breath of life have given conception. My Sons and Daughters you are pregnant with twins: Inhale and Exhale, bring forth and give birth. Multiply breathing, Take dominion, replinish the earth this is your season. Put an end to all doubt, unbelief and fear, extend your neck, fine tune your ear, breathe-inhale deeply, be attentive and hear, obey the Lord and live. My promises are true and shall take place, my blessing shall continue: you are Abraham's seed you do belong.

My authority I breathed into you, don't be afraid of their evil faces, you are seated with me in heavenly places. Speak my word boldly, Love unselfishly (Agopy) Rejoice, Delightfully, Give Cheerfully, Purpose to do God's will daily, work God's plan for your life with integrity. My breath is given unto life: Salvation, Healing, Deliverance, Joy, Grace, Mercy, Righteousness, Reconciliation, Restoration, Peace, Prosperity, Power and Praise.

Exhale forcibly this breath of life, it violently blows hard against all strife, it shatters the darkness and strikes a deadly blow against all evil. Exhale destroy the principalities, dominions of chaos, void and unholiness. This breath of life grow stronger and more fierce blasting through all satanic rule, this breath of life did pierce., giving sound, a voice, a word did take form: BE, and this breath of life is light for you and for me.