I have often had people ask me why they are struggling to get a date. They tell me that they have tried everything, but that nothing works. They keep getting rejected over and over. There are many reasons why this may keep happening, but I have narrowed it down for you to 5 of the most likely culprits. These may not necessarily apply to you, but you need to be honest with yourself. In order to find the solution to your problem you will need to think really carefully about your approach to dating and consider whether or not you could be doing any of the following wrong.

Reasons You May Still Be Single

1. You compare your life and yourself to other people. This is a clear indication that you are not confident and happy with who you are or what you have. You clearly do not have the drive to go out there and get what it is that you want. Instead you are wasting your time wishing for what other people have. As you can see this is very unproductive and you need to realise that you are not the only person out there who is single. Your friends may be married, engaged or in happy relationships, but that does not mean that their lives are perfect. Once you accept this and focus on what you do have instead of what you don't then you should become more happier and confident, making you slightly more attractive to the opposite sex.

2. You are focusing far too much energy on trying to find someone rather then just letting it happen naturally. This could easily lead to you trying to force things and it could be what is pushing people away as well as putting them off. It's not fun being alone, but you are not the only one. I am sure you have heard this before, but people tend to find love when they least expect it. Go out there and live your life, focus on your friends as well as hobbies and just have fun. It will make you appear more attractive if you seem to be enjoying yourself.

3. You often speak of being stood up, rejected or ignored. This is possibly down to insecurity and self esteem issues. You cannot expect someone to find you attractive if you barely even like yourself. Focus on the good parts about yourself and change every negative thought into a positive one. This will take some work of course and it won't be easy, but you have to start somewhere. Live by the simple philosophy of changing the things you can, excepting the things you can't and learning to know the difference.

4. You are being too fussy about who you choose to date. You are waiting for the perfect person to come and blow you away. Sadly, you will probably be waiting forever. What you think may be perfect is probably a disillusion you have that you will have developed in your youth. The guy or girl next door who keeps asking you out could turn out to be perfect for you in ways you may not have imagined. You will never know though as you won't give them a chance. Give it some thought and be realistic about what it is that you are looking for in a partner.

5. Your appearance or personality may need some tweaking. I am not saying you have to look like Tom Cruise or Sandra Bullock, but you need to make sure you are doing the best with what you have got. Get advice from a good friend or close family member, maybe change your hairstyle or go for some beauty salon treatments. Looks are not everything but they do help. As for the personality, well you will need to assess this one honestly with yourself as friends may not be so honest. Do you have an arrogant streak or a tendency to be rude? Do you have a reputation as a gossip or a player? If you look deep enough, there might be a clue there. Do whatever you can to become the best person you can possibly be. People who strive to be better are quite endearing.