For those that deal with accountants such as business owners, freelancers or self employed people, it is vital to have an accountant that gives you the support and advice necessary. Often, people become unhappy with their accountant for various reasons and find that it is time to choose another.

Signs that You Need a New Accountant

Here are some signs that you need to reconsider your current accountancy services:

You aren't getting support or advice

A good accountant is meant to be there to assist you with any support you may need. This could be business advice, planning advice, anything you may need throughout the time you use their services. If your accountant can't, or won't give you any support then they are not for you.

Your accountant never calls you back

If you have hired an accountant to work for you, you should expect to be able to contact them whenever you need to. If they are not returning your calls in a timely manner or not at all, you should take this seriously.

Doesn't take the time to discuss financial reports with you

This leads on from the first point in that, if you need assistance, you should expect your accountant to help. It's your business, and ultimately your money, you want to understand your financial reports so that you have peace of mind with the management of your money and company.

Your accountant is never on time

This is not a good situation to be in. If your hired accountant doesn't deliver your financial reports to you on time, this could mean they are too busy with other clients and aren't taking you or your business seriously. Bear in mind, that you have to provide your accountant with the documents they need on time first!

Trust your instincts

If you are not connecting with your accountant, they are not the right service for you. You should always go with your gut instincts, if something doesn't feel right then pay attention to it, don't overlook it else you may end up regretting it.

Before you make any rush decisions, make sure you talk to your accountant about how you are feeling. Sometimes there may be a reason for them behaving in certain ways. If you don't feel comfortable enough to speak to your accountant, then they are the wrong one for you and your business. It may seem like a long process to change to a different service, but in the long run it is definitely worth it.