This is a hidden paradise in Indonesia. As far as the eye could see, the charm of the beauty of the beach is worth aligned with other beautiful beaches. Ora beach.

Ora beach - Hidden Paradise in Central Maluku Indonesia

Paradise is located in the village of Saleman, North Seram, Maluku Tengah. This is a pretty view typical beach Ora. Beach with white sand and crystal clear water, coral reefs are easily visible to the naked eye. Lodging floating on the sea combined with a panoramic view of green mountains and blue sky clad with Maluku. Will make you forget the fatigue of the trip and also the bustle of life in the big city.

Ora beach perfect for eco-tourism and honeymoon. A row of wooden huts line the white sandy beaches overlooking the clear waters of the Gulf of Sawai, and with a background of limestone cliffs and majestic mountains, covered in lush, tropical gardens. Ceram famous for abundant bird life. Of the 117 species found on the island, 14 of which are endemic Ceram.

When the weather is sunny Ora Beach scenery is very beautiful even at night. Imagine, you are sitting on the dock and enjoy the flickering lights of stars in the sky that shone like pearls. Do not forget to bring a camera to capture the beauty of the night sky at this Ora Beach.

The beauty is not finished until there, at the bottom of the sea is clear hundreds of coral reefs is truly amazing. Not to mention the small fish dancing around coral reefs. No need to dive, from the terrace only room inn you can enjoy the spectacular view.

Satisfied with the beauty of the beach, around the resort there are the hills that you can explore. The chirping of birds and the cool air is guaranteed to make you reluctant to go from there.

Ora beach resort, there are wood which is the only lodging on the beach Ora. Interestingly, at the beach resort is not located on land, but directly over the sea. So, when you open the room door in the morning, the sea water as if to invite you to play along.


The first step is to find a flight to Ambon Pattimura Airport with flights available from Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar and other cities throughout Indonesia.

Arriving at the airport, you can rent a car to continue the journey to Port Tulehu. The journey will take about 30 minutes.

From Port Tulehu, followed by ship Ferry to Masohi, Ceram. The journey takes between 1.5 to 2 hours drive. After that, two hours by car down a steep and winding forest to reach the small fishing village named Saleman. And from this village, you will catch a boat to Ora Beach Resort which only takes about 10 minutes.


Ora Beach Resort is a family-owned resort in a secluded part of the island of Seram, and only accessible by water. Resort is located between the Gulf of Sawai, steep cliffs, forests and villages peak Salesman. Resort consists of 5 bungalows, 6 standard rooms and restaurant.

If you pay a visit to the heaven, be sure to bring enough money from Ambon, because there is no ATM or bank on the island.

Indonesia is extraordinary, natural beauty so abundant. What are you waiting for ? schedule your vacation there soon.

enjoy the natural beauty and the friendliness of Indonesian society.