Indonesia's dream island is located in the southeast of Bali, a small island, the island coconut trees, residents living peace and music. In the blue dream island can be diving, water surfing and other activities. Here also is the Bali algae breeding base, blue dream island clear water pollution, underwater creatures look, clearly visible, watch the local planting seaweed can choose early morning or 2-3 pm. Indonesia tourism Blue Dream Island tourist attractions can be described as very popular with people of all ages.

Indonesia Lembongan Tourist Attractions

Dream beach

Dream Beach is located on one of the islands of Bali Blue Dream Island. The beach is not large, but quiet and quiet Surrounded by cliffs, magnificent scenery. Where the waves are high waves, the waves are very strong climbing, is a paradise for surfers, but not suitable for swimming, sunbathing is also a way to enjoy the leisure. Stay in the Blue Dream Island, you can enjoy the sea view at the hotel's viewing platform or infinity pool. The blue water here is layered, from green to blue. Although near sight, the beach will have a little seaweed, but can't block the clear water bottom. Warm sunshine, long sandy beaches, crystal clear water, bright smile. Here the wind is high, so some of the beach will have some broken shells and stones, walking to protect the foot child.

Mushroom beach

Mushroom Beach in general, not many people, most people may choose to live coconut over there the beach, a small number of people here. Here the sea is very clear blue, high visibility, whether snorkeling or deep diving are quite good choice. Play banana boat and the like is also a very good experience, sitting banana boat in the perfect sun speeding, feeling like and the sea into one. To the evening can also be here to see the sunset, two people sitting on the edge of the cliff to see the sunset, that moment really feel that the world is no more than this thing to enjoy.

Devil's Tear

Walk from Dream Beach for about five minutes. Go to Devil's Tear on the road, is a large tracts of undeveloped open grass. Under the cliff is the blue dream of the sea, the cliff is a green pastoral scenery, so the beauty of fear is unique to the Blue Dream Island. Here is known as one of the most beautiful scenery of Blue Dream Island, specifically to see the Indian Ocean waves. Here is a three sides of the sea across the cliff, from the map point of view is a concave cliff. Because of the land type, the waves are so big, even when they are calm. Here, not only can see the waves, but also to capture the magic rainbow. Here, we deeply feel the natural power of the magnificent and magical, is this trip in Indonesia, the biggest harvest and good memories.