If you ever wish to see a mini representation of the world at large, then visit Kuta Bali, Indonesia. Touted as the 'Land of Gods' Bali's reputation precedes its name. From young backpackers to retired people, Kuta attracts people off all ages from across the globe! How is it possible go on a cheap holiday in Kuta Bali, the world famous tourist destination?

How to Get Most Out of a Cheap Holiday in Kuta Bali

With a little research and sensible planning you can get the thrills and spills of Kuta for least expenditure! Kuta Bali may be small in size but it is huge in entertainment. From sunbathing and surfing under the warm sun to parasailing and paragliding till sunset, this is a haven for water sport lovers. For others, there is so much of site seeing in Kuta, local theatre at night, and the inevitable shopping!

All this and a lot more can be achieved by cutting down on big expenditure and saving costs so that you can enjoy all that the Island offers! The first step towards enjoying a cheap holiday in Kuta Bali is to ensure that you book airline tickets on a budget airline or promotional prices on regular airlines. Many budget airlines these days come with budget hotel bookings as well.

This not only makes it cheaper but also saves you the hassle of looking where to lodge as soon as you land in Bali. Browse the net to locate budget hotels that are close to the beach AND close to the airport. See if there are any shopping areas close the hotel. Isn't it surprising that budget hotels can be located in such central locations?

The features to look out for are sanitation and security. Amenities such as a restaurant within the hotel may not be that important as there are plenty of eateries in Bali to suit all pockets. This cuts down on costs by a big chunk leaving you enough to splurge on other delights.

Shopping is a therapy in Kuta. The charming Balinese craft can be yours for a bargain. Dine and wine in local pubs and stalls where taste and cost are inversely proportional!

Take a break from the golden sands of Kuta beach and visit the temples of Kuta to know more about Balinese Gods, breathtaking landscapes and tradition. Kuta theatre tells you all about local fables and art. A cheap holiday in Indonesia in general would mean starting with tickets and accommodation. Do look out for more details once you have short listed the hotels for accommodation. Does the hotel have non smoking rooms and areas? Does it have family rooms with or without TV?

Most importantly how are the beds and bath? After all, after a whole day of fun in the sun, you would want to crash on to a good bed after a refreshing shower! Basically a low cost hotel operates by providing excellent basics but charge extra for the fringes. It does not matter if they do not provide free air conditioning or Wi-Fi. As long as the provision is available you can pay depending on need and usage. This way you save costs not to mention the warm feeling of having done something for the environment in your own small way!

If you need a change from the frenetic pace of Kuta, then shift your base to the relaxing Legian Bali. Is it possible to maintain a cheap holiday in Legian Bali too? Yes, because the concept of 'chain hotels' has made it easy to transfer from place to place when you book into the same chain of hotels. Simple conveniences such as some adjustments during transfers are easily made. Once in Legian Bali make sure you choose your budget hotel from a location close to the beach.

The quieter counterpart of Kuta, Legian beach is the kind that you would want to lie on your beach towel sunbathing the whole day. Both Kuta and Legian are extremely popular with honeymooners because of the beautiful beaches, weather, affordable shopping and great food. Close to Kuta, Legian Bali was once a sleepy fishing village that is now transformed into a much visited beach resort. Along with all water sport activities, Legian also offers high end boutiques with international brands of goods along with locally made souvenirs. So, without hesitation take the plunge to Bali and swim your way out without a hole in your wallet!