A paradise, a haven these are how the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia can be described. Surrounded by the glorious oceans and made alive by the resonating light of the tropical sun, Bali is indeed a favourite destination of people who book air tickets spontaneously.

But what makes Bali, Indonesia a definite tourist spot in Southeast Asia?

Bali is an island that lies in the southern part of the Indonesian archipelago. With its geographical features, it is hailed as one of the resort islands in the country. It is famous for its pristine and wonderful beaches, and those areas are the most popular among tourists. Among the largely visited are those in Kuta, Nusa Dua, Lovina, Medewi, Seminyak, Legian, and the Southeastern Islands. Flaunting either white, black or golden beds of sand, the resorts in these areas are definitely the most beautiful in the island.

But one does not buy an air ticket to Bali just to see the beaches. After all, nature is not defined with beaches alone. Bali is also rich with interesting floras and faunas that are distinctively Indonesian. To discover the richness of Balis most beautiful nature reserves, people may visit Mount Agung, West Bali National Park, Kintamani, and Ubud Monkey Forest.

As there is a wide diversity in religion in Bali, tourists who book air tickets to Bali are also awarded with the chance to lay eyes on magnificent architectural pieces, which are normally known as temples. Unique and totally breathtaking, it is definitely worth a price to see the Tanah Lot Temple, Goa Gajah, Water Palace (Puri Saren Agung), Tirta Empul, Mother Temple of Besakih and much more.

There are a great deal of spectacles to see in the island. But what complements all these attractions is the fact that Bali gives home to a great culture. The locals are friendly and hospitable ; and they have so much joy to impart tourists. Their being a happy group of people is reflected on the different kind of festivals which is surely worth the price of an air ticket to Bali. Among the famous celebrations held in the island are the Odalan Temple Anniversary Procession, Nyepi, and Galungan Festival. And to further understand the daily living of the locals, coastal villages in East Bali can be visited.

Indeed, Bali is a great destination for tourists who wish to maximize their relaxation time ; and it will never be a mistake to book and buy air tickets to Bali, because it is undeniably a paradise.