The Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries announced lately that the Indonesian government is building currently small runways close to fifteen fishing villages in order to assist local fishermen export their products while they are still fresh and order a premium.

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The former entrepreneur said that the airstrips are one kilometer long or enough long for light aircraft to land. These airstrips will link fishermen from different parts of the country and best restaurant Jakarta to local and oversea markets.

The minister said that the airstrips enable the fishermen to send immediately their fresh products to Europe or Japan on the same time by opening up straight airlifts from the eastern part of the country.

The only obstacle actually is that every product has to pass through Jakarta and this takes longer. The minister was delivering a public lecture on the maritime policy and challenges of Indonesia in Singapore arranged by the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies. The minister met also businessmen there to talk over trade opportunities. She hopes that businessmen from Singapore will invest in the project to construct the fifteen airstrips.

The capabilities of airfreight will provide for local fishermen the opportunity to set foot in a market of high value since consumers pay better for fresh seafood Indonesia. In a survey of public opinion carried out in the middle of 2015, the minister was ranked as the best-performing minister by the Indo Barometer Survey and Political Communication Institute.

The minister, Ms. Susi, survived also the latest Cabinet reshuffle made by President Joko Widodo. The reshuffle was triggered by the weakening economic growth of the country since 2014 when he took office. The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries is a major driver behind the plan of Mr. Joko to revive the fisheries and shipbuilding industries in an effort to re-establish the country as a maritime power.

According to recent figures, the fisheries sector in Indonesia and best restaurant Jakarta during the first quarter increased 8.6 percent, outperforming the national rate of growth of 4.7 percent. The minister said that the sector of fisheries is set to complete its target of ten percent for 2015.

Noticing the value of the fisheries industry, the country has been attempting to increase the potential of the industry via, among other things, going after rustlers or poachers, suppressing activities of transshipment, and upgrading of actual industry practices. According to the president, illegal fishing causes the country to lose more than USD $20 billion each year.

The government works hard to implement new approaches, encompassing the improvement of its maritime capabilities of surveillance. In order to send a strong and clear message to poachers, the government sunk illegal fishing boats seized in the country and containing seafood Indonesia.